Do you want to optimize your campaigns on Facebook? At Antevenio we are great experts in optimizing Facebook Ads campaigns. To request more information about our “social advertising” services you can contact us here 5 examples of advertising campaigns with influencers abril 15, 2016 Writing Influencer Marketing Did you like our article? 4.4/5 – (18 votes) campaigns with influencers: The selfie with the most RTs The main objective of an advertising campaign is to achieve a great impact and, if possible, to become viral. To achieve this, brands try to find new and creative strategies that attract the attention of the user in order to achieve the long-awaite notoriety.

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If there is a type of strategy that has become popular in recent times, it is campaigns with influencers . Among other factors, due to the fact that nowadays social networks make it possible for almost anyone to become popular or at least become Panama Phone Number List known, be it through their Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account. Thus , the concept of influencer has jumpe from people famous for their profession.  Generally artists or athletes, to digital influencers who have manage to amass a large community of followers who follow their recommendations to the letter.

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Advantages of advertising campaigns with influencers.  According to a report prepare by Augure in February 2014, 60% of marketing professionals admit.  To already investing large amounts of money in influencer marketing. Coobis- marketplace Business Lead de brande content, SEO & Influencer Marketing Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand and your products thanks to a Brande Content SEO & Influencers strategy? More information This is so because brands get some. The following advantages when partnering.  With influencers You amplify your message . If someone is a real influencer, they will have a loyal community of followers.  Who will be attentive to their recommendations.

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