A good creative approach should answer questions such as. What is the tone and focus that the corporate identity should have. According to the brand concept What are the functional requirements for application on supports? Do we need a typographic logo ( wordmark ) or should it have a symbol? Are there elements of the current identity (when applicable) that can or should remain? The solution must be carried out in such a way that: Enhance brand values ​​and concept Strengthen your recognition and differentiation in the market Define future application criteria Harmonize coexistence with other company identities. If any) On some occasions, there are symbols that have become so recognizable.

That they can function independently or even

That they can function independently or even replace the logo, although a great deal of exposure and communication capacity is necessary Ghost Mannequin Effect to achieve this. Few brands have symbols that are universally recognized without the need to see the logo (the text). Color The choice of a brand color or colors is also a decision that must be reasoned. For example, based on these strategic questions, a brand can appropriate a color or play with the palette . There is also the option of adapting to the predominant colors in the sector or, as long as it is consistent with the personality of the brand, deciding to be groundbreaking. brands and colors There are sectors where color is the most important differentiating element, however not in all sectors it is a differentiating element itself.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Since many brands share color

Since many brands share color, it must be taken into account that as important as choosing a color and a tone is the way to use it and its Business Lead combination with other elements such as typography or images. The perception of the same color can be very different depending on the size of the surface on which it is applied, as well as the materials on which it appears. Typography Typography is another of the fundamental elements of a brand’s visual identity. It is necessary to ensure that the chosen one is appropriate and contributes to expressing the personality of the brand. And of course, that it has an optimal application in the supports in which it should be used. Each font and style of letter connotes.

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