One of the advertising tools of this social network that has become one of the most use advertising channels on social networks, since it allows segmenting and selecting the public. What interests each brand the most? Advantages of using Facebook Ads The use of Facebook Ads allows the ad creator to segment and select the audience that interests them the most. In this way, the possibility of conversion is greater and it is possible to convert users into customers more effectively. Actually, the advantages that Facebook Ads can offer you are several, and more if your company is small.

The Users Who Visit Your Website

Since the cost-benefit ratio is interesting: Access to a large number of active users : The huge number of users who are on Facebook makes it almost certain that among all these users you will find a potential client who is intereste in your products or services. High targeting : You can choose who sees your ads. The platform has a lot of information on Namibia Phone Number List each user, tastes, age, hobbies, city,… making it easier for you to segment your audience and decide which users you want to see each of your ads. Good cost-return on investment : Facebook Ads is a relatively inexpensive tool. In addition, you only pay for the clicks obtaine. In other words, if you achieve good segmentation.

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Either Not Understand What You Want

You will be paying for all those users who have clicke on your ad, because they are truly intereste in it and in your brand. Flexibility : Facebook Ads campaigns give you great flexibility by being able to stop it whenever you want without prior Business Lead notice. So you can make an investment according to your budgetary nees. Interaction : This tool also offers the possibility of carrying out raffles, surveys or games with users. This option will help you to know more about the people who are intereste in your company. Measurement of results in real time : In the same way, Facebook has also designe very detaile reports that allow companies to optimize their campaigns, improve them, and thus know what types of messages work better or worse.

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