In this chapter of the series, the character of Bart Simpson, one of the protagonists, is part of a boy band made up of 3 other schoolmates. This band is promote by the strange character name LT Smash, who is later discovere to be a member of the Unite States Navy. In one of the band’s songs, the mysterious message that says “Yvan eht nioj” is heard, which if turne upside down means “Join The Navy” (Join the Navy) . Although it may be a parody of subliminal messages, The Simpsons episode quite aptly summarizes the objective of these messages and the way they are transmitte.

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In addition to the audible message, the video contains some key frames.  Such as the image of Uncle Sam inviting to join the Navy. Two ways, the game with the audio and the hidden frames, which are very common in the launch of subliminal Finland Phone Number List messages. MDirector-Email Marketing Tool Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand and. Your products thanks to a Content Marketing strategy? More information Does the subliminal message exist in advertising? The answer is positive. Advertising does not escape the phenomenon of the subliminal message either.

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In fact, the main objective of many subliminal messages on platforms other. Than pure and simple advertising is to advertise and promote a specific product. And that due to legal issues or bureaucratic obstacles cannot be do otherwise. Given the avalanche of many citizens looking for subliminal messages in all types of meia, some Business Lead advertisers have begun to include elements that satisfy the interest of this type of group and end up giving free publicity to the brand. To better discover what kind of subliminal messages exist in advertising and marketing. We have compile 10 examples with which you can discover how advertisers use this unorthodox resource in their products.

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