Number of campaigns. Ad groups. Objectives of ads and campaigns. Large thematic groups. Audience segments. Structure of the sales website or landing page to which the campaign is reirecte. Keywords. Products or services advertise through AdWords. Budget for the campaigns. Geographic location of campaigns and ads. Ad Extensions. Device from which you can see the campaigns. Price of the advertisement in the auction. Base on the decisions on each of these elements, the structure of your Google Adwords account will vary.

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It is not the same to work an account with a single ad group and a dozen keywords than another in which different ads are include depending on the language or links to specific landing pages that are also varie. How to create the structure for an AdWords account? To organize an AdWords account, it is necessary to first know the 4 layers in which it is Wuhan Phone Number List structure: Account : It is associate with an email address, a password and unique billing information. An account can have several campaigns, as many as necessary. Campaigns : The configuration of each campaign has its own budget and other general aspects that determine where the ads appear.

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Each campaign can include multiple ad groups. Ad groups : As the name suggests, they group different ads that share a series of keywords. This is a relevant factor since keywords are the fundamental element for the success of an Adwords campaign. Announcements . They are creatives with specific characteristics that depend on the Business Lead type of campaign. These 4 layers work in a hierarchical way as seen in the following image: hierarchy in the structure for an AdWords account On the other hand, before opting for a specific account structure, it is interesting to take into account the contributions made by the Google Adwords platform itself. Only then will you guarantee that the structure is effective for your objectives.

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