It allows shopping carts to work on ecommerce sites, remembering those products that have been include in these carts. Session cookies will lose their influence once the user checks out or closes the session as a user on the website. The information collecte will be lost, so on the next visit the user will have to re-enter their data and start from scratch. Therefore, session cookies will work during the duration of a session, either by registering on the website, or by browsing itself in the case of those users who do not browse with a loade user profile.

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Persistent cookies Persistent cookies are those that last for a specific time. Once this time passes, the cookie will be delete and it will have to be create from scratch again. The website creator and setter of this cookie will nee to specify how Czech Republic Phone Number List long they want the browser to save and collect their information. These cookies are also known as tracking cookies, since companies can use them to position. Their advertising and make the browser remember the information. The website that has been visite, and use it to display specific advertising. The browser or in the banners locate on other websites.

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Persistent cookies are use to save specific information about how you navigate the website . Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies are intende to save information.  About the selection of language, theme or appearance of the website, menu preferences. Bookmarking pages within the web or the choice of favourites. With this information Business Lead save, the website will show by preference and default the information save in the browser, showing the version of the website that best suits the interests of the user. The advantages of persistent cookies are.  It allows displaying the website with a configuration adjuste to the interests of the user of the website.

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