Are you looking for a cloud-based marketing automation solution for your business? Or, are you like most ecommerce businesses trying to get the most out of your customer data? If you’re nodding your head to answer these questions, read on.There are many types of marketing automation solutions, but how do you decide which one is best for your business need. 


Ad scale Review: About Adscale

With offices in the US, the Netherlands and Algeria Mobile Number Israel, Adscale is used by some well-known brands including Converse, Speedo, Replay and more.In short, Adscale is a cloud-based marketing, advertising,email campaign and data solution best suited for e-commerce marketing managers, ad agencies, private advertisers and PPC managers (pay per click). It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and first-party data to automate and better target marketing campaigns on major platforms, including Google Shopping, Google Search, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Google Display Ads. Users define their marketing and advertising goals. AdScale then gets to work by automatically allocating funds to campaigns, so your budget is fully optimized. It also offers advice on keyword optimization, landing page performance, ad optimization, and more. Adscale also takes images directly from your online store to create automated ads for these platforms. Additionally, you can automate other aspects of your activity, including budget management and activity reporting.


Advertising Cloud

Use business intelligence-driven customer segmentation to target your ideal customers on the best social media sites and target customers with the right products on Algeria Mobile Number the most productive channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Your AI advertising plan is tailored to meet the needs of your ecommerce business across all channels. First, you set your goals, then Adscale’s AI will continually allocate your budget across channels to get the best value for your spend. AI bid optimization uses historical performance, current market trends, and advanced forecasting models to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.  Run customized SMS campaigns by sending BI-based personalized messages to customers to better engage with your brand. You can also use Adscale’s embedded link shortener for accurate conversion tracking.​​​ Additionally, you can choose from different SMS automation options to tailor SMS campaigns to different customer segments. 

Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

Marketing Cloud

As good as the three above, this review focuses Algeria Mobile Number on the Marketing Cloud solution. With Adscale, you can manage all your marketing activities in one place. This includes seeing data on which marketing channel is the most successful, for example, the percentage of sales from Google Display, Google Shopping, email marketing, Instagram, SMS, and Facebook. With this information at your fingertips, you can focus your marketing efforts on the things that yield the most results. Additionally, Adscale’s attribution technology matches conversions across channels to order IDs. So you can rest easy knowing that you won’t encounter any discrepancies or accidentally double-counting orders. In other words, you can be confident that the information you are viewing is a true reflection of what is going on. All in all, keeping pace with your marketing campaigns can be challenging. However, with Adscale, everything is on one platform to help you save time. For example, you can centralize marketing data, customer information, and business data in one place. 


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