After interviewing no less than 1000 people in person, I decided to tell you the experience. In my career, I should have interviewed no less than 1,000 people in person. Read more resumes, especially when Microsoft expanded in Shanghai early.

Today, I share with you my observations over the years, and talk about how I look at resumes.

1. The standard for judging the gold content of a resume is “what have you done?”

A friend asked me to help him read his resume. In his resume, his position, the responsibilities of this position, and what he has done are written in great detail.

I said, none of this matters. A good resume is not about what you “did”, but about what you “did”.

What is “done” is the responsibility, this is the content of the recruitment copy; what is “done” is the performance, this is the content of the resume.

When I was in college, a thick resume was beautiful. Self-introduction, photos, photocopies of ID cards, various certificates, certificates, papers, etc., a thick copy. HR doesn’t have time to look at it at all.

A resume is written as a book, usually because there is no bright spot.

Later, your resume becomes a piece of paper. When you feel that your inexhaustible advantages can be expressed on a piece of paper, it means that you can find outstanding achievements from your ordinary work.

Later, I asked myself, can I write clearly in 30 words? Write your resume into one paragraph.

30 words, when a sentence can be clearly stated, it means that you have found yourself, and others can recognize you.

One day in the future, your resume Malaysia Phone Number will change from a book, a piece of paper, a paragraph to your name.

Others said: Please introduce yourself. You just need to say: My name is XX.

2. What to avoid and what to do with a resume

First things to avoid:

1. Self-centred

Some classmates left a message on the WeChat public account, wrote an email, and said nothing about their own information, just a series of questions: Do you need to travel for this job? Do you pay social security? Want to work overtime? I’ve been worrying about looking for a job recently, and it just so happens that you’re hiring, so I’ll sign up…

These are typical self-centered questions. When you go to a big company or a highly competitive position, before you show your value or even introduce your name, such news will be pulled into the blacklist.

2. Think of crying as a competitive advantage

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This is to blame for watching too many talent shows. In the talent show, the bridge section where crying is exchanged for lighting up is for the ratings. But it is useless to cry for a job.

There is no description of ability in the whole email, only the touching of my own life, and then eager to give the opportunity to change my life. This will also be pulled into the blacklist.

3. Treat no advantage as an advantage

There is also a job search that should be avoided, that is, I have no advantages, I am not good at this, I am not good at that, anyway, I am not good at anything, even full of shortcomings.

But, honestly, I told you all. you use me.

You can feel a little bit of this in your words: if you don’t need me. You are discriminatory. Challenge yourself, use me. This will still be blacklisted.

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