Yamaguchi is even more popular。The south-south Siberian air-conditioning stream was blocked by the mountain. It was an open passage, so a brain rushed in. The maximum annual wind day here is 188 days, and the instantaneous extreme. Wind speed is 46 meters per second. Which is equivalent to a 17th-level wind。

It is for this reason that the Alashankou has been at the end of transportation and trade for a long time。

In the 1990s, the state approved the formal establishment of the Alashan port. And subsequently, railway connectivity was achieved with the Druzhba port in Kazakhsta. From then on, the second Asia-Europe Continental Bridge. With a total length of 10,870 kilometers. Runs across the border from Lianyungang in the east to Rotterdam in the Netherlands。

“The improvement of railway and road transportation capabilities has kicked off the new era of the Alashankou。”Li Chenlin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Ara Shankou City, said。

Lu Tongji Chengxing。

The alashankou has attracted people, logistics. Capital, the asphalt road is wide and straight, public facilities are complete. Businessmen Image Manipulation Service with accents around the world travel through… The wind that roared through the mountains. Is no longer frightening, reform and development. And the pursuit of happiness the wind rushed。

In 2011, since the first “Tu Xin Europe” class opened, there were 82 lines in the Central European class with ports, involving 13 countries in Europe and 5 countries in Central Asia。In December 2012, the State Council approved the establishment of Alashankou。

Today, the Alashankou has developed into the first land port in the northwest of my country that integrates “four-in-one” railways, highways, crude oil pipelines, and air transportation. Under the impetus of the “one-way” initiative, it is open to all parts of Eurasia。

Cross-border traders develop into fast lanes

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Welcome to the world, scattered goods。

The reporter saw in the joint office area of the customs in Arakou that Li Liangliang, a staff member of China Foreign Transport Arakou Company, is handling a batch of customs clearance services for export packages. This batch of goods will exported to Belgium。

Due to its high volume, high traffic volume and high stability in the country (region), and strong stability. Central European Banle Business Lead favored by more and more domestic and foreign companies. The Alashan port become a hub for cross-border electrical parcel transportation。

At present, cross-border electrical parcels at the Alashan port are mainly commodities such as toys, furniture, clothing, and daily miscellaneous items。Goods from domestic manufacturing bases such as Dongguan and Shenzhen are shipped to Alashankou and forwarded to Central Asia and Europe。

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