A video or any other multimeia resource , but they have to be present so that the action to be complete has more consistency and weight. But remember: it is about benefits for the user and not for the brand. One of the main mistakes that many landing pages make is showing advantages from the point of view of the company and not the user. 13.- Creibility social proofs to optimize your landing pages The landing page will gain creibility if you incorporate social proof, opinions on social networks.

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On shopping sites, on ecommerce or in forums . These social proofs can also be rankings in which you are well positione or data on the number of times your landing has been share, for example. On the other hand, the opinions and testimonials France Phone Number List of other users will give enough weight to the message transmitte. 14.- Test A/B To check to what extent your landing page is effective and has the right elements to help convert, the ideal is to carry out A/B tests of all the elements, from the headline to the design itself, without forgetting the fields of the forms, the CTA or , even, the text where the benefits for the user are include.

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Comparative A/B testing will help you learn which layouts and elements on your landing page convert best or which landing page form gets the most clicks. A/B tests also help to test the first impressions that the user has of your website. The Business Lead landing page that works best at first glance will be the one with the ideal design, the one that will work best for the user. 15.- Test with close and trustworthy people In addition to launching an A/B Test, it is advisable to test the landing page, and any other element, in a close and truste group of people. These people can tell you if the propose design is correct or not.

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