Download a document or own resource database capture with download guides Downloading unique elements from websites is ideal for capturing databases of people intereste in a specific subject. Thus, many companies take the opportunity to exploit the knowlege they store in the form of electronic books, ebooks, PDFs or whitepapers. The user who wants to access this information must pass a toll: provide their data. An example of this type of acquisition is the download of guides focuse on email marketing , landing pages or cross-channel marketing propose by Director.

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In the expose example, MDirector offers a guide to start working with Email Marketing . This is a guide for beginners in the field. For this reason, next to the guide itself is information about its content, an extract and some ideas about what the Switzerland Phone Number List user who decides to download it will find in the document. On this recruitment landing page, below the guide, on the right side of the page, a short form is include in which the user must provide some information in order to access this product. This data is store and can be use later by the brand to propose similar products or to invite the user to try its services.

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Voluntary user registration database capture: user registration Social meia platforms like Facebook do not run campaigns specifically designe to capture databases. These platforms, once they have already capture an interesting volume Business Lead of users, are sufficiently attractive in themselves that they do not nee to do anything special to attract users. That is its main strategy: to be a resource that users find necessary to communicate with friends, family and acquaintances, share their life experiences or show what they do. Thus, these users will access the service and provide their data by filling out the form shown in the image.

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