With a smartphone in every hand and the strength of social media giants ever-present in our lives, consumers have more ways than ever of interacting with brands online.

While many traditional marketing channels such as television, radio, and print are still strong, crafting an integrated online marketing strategy is crucial today to be present in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Improve Your Digital Marketing Results With the Right Mix of Channels

The right integrated digital transformation strategy means more ways for your brand to engage with customers one-on-one, and establish a buying journey that is tailored specifically for them, leading to VP Facility Manager Email Lists improved brand presence, higher conversion rates and ultimately, increased brand loyalty.

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With the right digital strategy, you can leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

This quick guide shows you how easy it can be to plan, create and implement a successful online marketing campaign that keeps your customers coming back.

Let’s dive right in…

Know Your Target Audience

So where does the process of creating new digital marketing content start?

Well, it’s still marketing, so it should start with your audience — who they are, what challenges your brand could solve for them, and how they’d benefit from your product or service.

The more deeply you understand your audience, the easier it is to create something that resonates with them which will increase engagement and ultimately boost conversions.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of your An Extensive Guide

audience can be a long and detailed process.

But if you just need to get started, make sure you’ve at least asked these questions about your ideal customers:


● What are the main influences behind their purchases?

Once you’ve answered these, you can start to form a clear image of who your buyers are and should be able to create content that’s relevant to them. But to really go pro, you’ll need to create some buyer personas.

Create Your Buyer Personas

Buyer personas help you to picture, understand and empathize with the most urgent needs and desires of your customers.

Understanding who your buyers are (and there is likely more than one type of person) allows you to be more relevant to your ideal audience, not just with marketing but also for product or service development.

Armed with this knowledge you’ll better understand the diverse range of reasons why your target audience needs your product or service, boosting your chances of conversion, and ultimately, forging long-lasting relationships and increasing returning customers.

So what does a buyer persona look like An Extensive Guide

Name: David

Position: Marketing manager for an e-commerce startup

Role: Interacts with network and steers the direction of content and advertising

Hangouts: LinkedIn (work-related), Instagram (personal), news sites

Of course, David isn’t a real person, but he represents anybody who shares the same position, likes and dislikes, pains and challenges and so on. Get your marketing right for Dave, and you get it right for everybody just like him.

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