In order to create a blog with Wix, you must create an account on the platform for which you can use the options to register with your Facebook or Google Plus data. Subsequently, you must indicate what type of page you want to create, which, in this case, must be a blog. Afterwards, you only have to choose the type of template to later eit and update the information of your new blog. Once all these steps are done, you are ready to publish and share all your content.

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What are the advantages of Wix ? Like the rest of the blogging platforms, Wix is ​​a very simple space to use . In addition, it has the following advantages: It has many template designs that are usually very attractive and well organize. This Oman Phone Number List platform is also mobile friendly , so everything you post will look good on tablets or smartphones. It has a free service and a Premium service. If you choose this option, the platform offers different services that you can access with discounts and special coupons. 5.- Meium blogging platforms: Meium Meium is the current jewel in the crown when it comes to blogging platforms.

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Not surprisingly, it is a service founde by Ev Williams , one of the founders.  Of Blogger and, later, of Twitter and Biz Stone , co-founder of Twitter. The characteristic of Meium is that it is committe to an attractive and simple design with Business Lead the aim of making users focus on what is important: the content. In fact, the initial idea of ​​Meium is very similar to Twitter except, obviously, the limitation of 140 characters. This platform maintains the spirit of highlighting the content and offers the possibility for the users themselves to recommend it. Therefore, it can be said that it is a platform that promotes quality writing and good eiting. The way to use the platform is extremely simple.

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