Very easy to use . This blog also offers the possibility to customize and design the blog as you like. You can create as many blogs as you want. Access to other Google products . Being a Google service, by default, the user who uses this platform has at his disposal other Google products such as Picasa or Google Plus. It does not require previous technical knowlege . Blogger is still the ideal platform for beginners. 3.- Tumblr blogging platforms.

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Tumblr If what you are looking for is a blog in which the visual aspect preominates, Tumblr is your ideal option. This platform is for all those users who like to share images, animate gifs or videos. Therefore, it can be understood as a blog that is more New Zealand Phone Number List visual than textual. Generally, this platform is more use by people who write as a hobby, and although some companies manage their blogs on this platform, it is oriente more for personal than business topics. Still, many companies can find their niche within Tumblr. What are the advantages of Tumblr? The features that make Tumblr a good choice are: Original platform . Tumblr is different from other blogging platforms. In fact, it is define more as a microblogging platform, a very versatile mix of blog and Twitter.

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Visual content . It is a very visual platform, which is a factor highly value by today’s users. It is a platform perfectly adaptable to mobile devices . Using this platform is, again, very simple . Multiple blogs can be manage . Tumblr offers tons of different Business Lead templates to choose from. It also offers great possibilities to publish events in real time . It is a free platform . 4.- Wix blogging platforms: Wix Just as WordPress is a platform to create blogs that has become a powerful CMS, Wix was born as an online space to create web pages that also allows you to create blogs very easily and quickly online. Wix also does not require any programming knowlege.

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