Likely to suffer from the same issues regarding marketing restrictions. A partnership can be a great way to increase brand awareness by leveraging your partner’s existing audience. A great example of a cannabis-industry partnership that was beneficial to both organizations was between Canopy Growth, a cannabis products company, and Greenlane Holdings, a marijuana dispensary distributor: “While this partnership has flown largely under the radar given the many acquisitions Canopy has made, as well as its massive global reach, it is a bigger deal than investors probably realize. Another example comes from Caliva, which entered into the first beverage partnership with Mood33 to deliver

THC-infused beverages to dispensaries in the

California area: Caliva enters into first beverage partnership with Mood33 Partnerships should also not be with companies that operate in your industry. Google has teamed up with Kit Kat to publicize its previous Android update (called KitKat): partenariat kit for android Partnerships can be a great way for cannabis companies to tap into new Norway Phone Number audiences, develop lucrative business relationships, and build brand awareness. 5) Introduce major publications and journalists Good public relations. This practice is almost as effective for cannabis businesses as it is for organizations in other industries.

The only concern here is that some publications might be

Norway Phone Number

wary of spreading marijuana-related stories or promoting cannabis companies. But even those concerns can be alleviated if you can find the right pitch angle. If you can hone in on a compelling and interesting story related to your business, striking a deal with a major publication can potentially expose your brand to thousands of customers. As it can take some time to figure out how to get journalists’ attention, use tools like HARO (Help a Reporter Out) or JustOutreach to locate potential targets that might be a good fit: JustReachOut Read more: 7 steps to DIY PR: Building relationships with journalists without a PR firm Advice for journalists and editors Pitching journalists and editors of publications is part science and part art.

There are a few consistent rules you should follow to make sure you get their attention. Remember that journalists, especially high-profile ones, get pitches all day, so here’s how to stand out from the mainstream of mediocrity they’re used to: Do your research. Make sure you contact the right writer or reporter and that they regularly cover similar topics to the one you are offering. Provide some steps. Everyone likes when you make it easy for them. Including a document with research sources, statistics or interesting information can make them more likely to accept your pitch. Know your audience. Personalize your pitch. Refer to previous articles they have published that led you to believe they were the right person to contact. Explain why your story is particularly relevant to them. Keep it brief but informative. Their time is valuable, just like yours.

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