Ice bucket Challenge The Ice Bucket Challenge campaign went around the world. Surely you yourself saw a video on a social network where both anonymous people and many celebrities took part in this challenge. The challenge began on August 7, 2014. 200 people gathere in a Boston square to complete the challenge. The objective was simple, they wante to draw public attention to the ALS disease (a neurodegenerative disease that weakens the muscles, causes loss of mobility in the arms and legs and makes it difficult to speak.

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Breathe or swallow) in order to raise money and deal with this disease. The challenge was simple. It consiste of throwing a bucket of ice water over it and nominating three other people to carry out the challenge and donate ten euros to the cause. The nominees had to meet the challenge within 24 hours of the nomination, and in this way, continue Kuwait Phone Number List with the chain. The social phenomenon soon floode the internet, in fact, more than 142 million results were create on Google and in a single week more than 2.4 million videos had already been share on Facebook. One of the keys to this campaign was the large number of celebrities who took part.

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In fact, people like Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, was one of the first to participate and nominate Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, who also participate in the cause. Other celebrities like Beyoncé, members of KISS, Steven Business Lead Spielberg or Leo Messi also took part. In just two weeks since its inception, the ALS Association has receive donations worth more than $31.5 million and has raise more than $100 million in one month . Even so, some experts expresse their concern since they argue that this type of phenomenon makes it difficult for people to really get involve in social causes. Many said that this type of solidarity campaigns encourage vague activism, that is, that people took part without really being aware of the problem.

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