The disadvantage of this form of marketing is that you must notify the user that they have to take an action, so it can be dissuasive and counterproductive. 5.- Geolocation proximity marketing: geolocation Still without the strength of other ways of doing proximity marketing, geolocation is an option that is gaining weight. It consists of the client who has the geolocation option activate being able to access special promotions only for having this option activate.

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Thus, if a customer enters a marke area, they will be targete by the campaign, and will receive the information that the advertiser wants to transmit on their mobile phone. It is a way of segmenting the public, but through their mobile phone and without the nee to have a person on the street. Did you know that by optimizing your landing pages Morocco Phone Number List to achieve an improvement from 1 lead for every 7 clicks to 1 lead for every 6 clicks, you reuce your investment expense by 16.5%? This is what we do every day at Antevenio Go! for our customers. How much money do you want to save with Antivenin.

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How to structure a Facebook Ads campaign April 18, 2016 Drafting Social Ads Did you like our article? 5/5 – (1 vote Nowadays, a large part of the users who surf the internet have their own profile on Facebook. In fact, this social network Business Lead already has more than 1.5 billion active users per month, which makes it the largest social network in the world. In addition, the target that can be found on Facebook is very varie. Different jobs, different hobbies, almost all ages, enormous segmentation means that any company can find a large part of its potential customers on Facebook , which makes it a more than interesting tool. A good way to achieve a great impact on this entire audience is through Facebook Ads.

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