Companies can get Earne Meia in different ways: through recommendations, as in the example highlighte in the image: the comments of the buyers of the book ” Guerrilla Marketing for Brave Entrepreneurs ” by Carlos Bravo on the Amazon portal. Reviews. Mentions. Generally, the achievement of earne meia is usually the result of good management of Paid Meia and Owne Meia. Other ways to connect Earne, Owne, and Paid Meia However, beyond the differences between Earne, Owne and Paid Meia, these are not watertight channels with no relationship to each other.

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There are ways to connect one and the other meia so that your brand takes advantage of the best of each of them. 1.- Relationship between Paid Meia and Owne Meia Earne, Owne y Paid Meia There are ways to amplify Owne Meia using Paid Meia. If these two elements are combine, the result can be very powerful in terms of generating leads and Ivory Coast Phone Number List increasing engagement. For example, if your company has create some content on one of its Owne Meia channels and wants to amplify its diffusion because in this meium it is only visible to a more limite number of viewers. In this case, your company can use Paid Meia by broadcasting its own Owne Meia content.

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A Lower Budget Promoted Posts Can Be

Your company can have a certain budget to promote itself through Facbeook Leads. Thus, your company makes an ad directe to a specific target, previously studie, and exposes the content of Owne Meia in the ad and generally, a link is also Business Lead associate with the ad that takes users to a landing page that in order to generate leads. This option offers the possibility of disseminating your content to a much wider audience , thus accessing users of the social networks to which you have paid. But also, through the possibility that these networks have for the user to share the content, many other people who have not initially contacte are also accesse.

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