Therefore, of the Spanish Association of Advertisers for Commercial Communication 2022 Tags trends marketing big data brands Brands in transformation: 10 Trends for Commercial Communication UDIMA Distance University of Madrid Degree in Marketing To train marketing specialists.with scientific training and research skills ACL DirectPromo We know about Relational Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives We like to create unique experiences The Spanish Association of Advertisers (aea) presents the 10 main blocks of trends 2022 that affect commercial communication and for which brands are in full transformation, modifying their relationship with the consumer.

Therefore, intelligence (AI), big data, metrics and ROI, cookieless, metaverse, e-commerce, research, work models… all these areas are analyzed by the aea’ Committee of Experts made up of important companies in the sector: Arce Media -Auditsa, Boreal Media, Deloitte  Norway phone number Consulting, Ebiquity, IMOP Insights. Higher Institute for Internet Development (ISDI), Kantar, ODEC, SCOPEN and Wavemaker. : Artificial intelligence, big data. Metrics and ROI Artificial intelligence will be the great protagonist of the year 2022. In this sector, its relationship with metrics and its.Role in estimating the return on investment (ROI) in the media is fundamental, with combined

Here are the Norway Phone Number 10 trend blocks

Therefore, models, capable of giving results in real. Time that will be basic in the decisions that machines make regarding consumers. AI is going to generate new data sources that will be faster and with different information. Generating new knowledge. Added to this will be the development of visualization tools that will facilitate learning and decision-making. The metrics embedded in the machines will undergo great changes, communicating with each other automatically. Therefore,they must always be by humans. In its proper use, it will be necessary to monitor: explainability (knowing what the metrics reflect and how they are transformed), fairness (that there are no biases in

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Therefore, data that feed the metrics), security (not allowing vulnerability to attacks), privacy (ensuring that data is not shareable) and. Transparency (providing clarity as to what data is , how and for what). For this entire process. The complementarity of human-machine work is fundamental.  responsible for the metrics and ROI calculation, the professionals will define the strategy, review algorithms. Therefore, and the value of the data, in addition to everything related to innovation and creativity. Regarding big data, there is an interesting hybridization between it and the user experience in terms of qualitative, quantitative and design methodology.

These will Norway Phone Number be the only ones

Therefore, is more and more data and its handling and management is . Obtaining and processing it is becoming more sophisticated every day. With the fusion of different sources. New tools and technology are to obtain greater and more efficient. Therefore, for the enormous amount of information that is . And there is a tendency towards richer, descriptive and “dense” data that come from qualitative research. Cookieless By the end of 2023, third party cookies will not be by most browsers. Therefore, this reason, the tendency of advertisers to capture first-party data from their users and customers will increase, Therefore, well as to invest in the acquisition and

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