Issues such as sustainability, flexibility in delivery and payment methods, but also new sales channels, are just some of the hot topics that will be discussed this year. Tags ecommerce trends online shopping Buying online is no longer a taboo: . 1 in the market Updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. access now UDIMA Distance University of Madrid Degree in Marketing To train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills If 2020 was the record year for electronic commerce. Achieving a turnover of 51,600 million euros according to figures from the CNMC, which would be equivalent to 4.6% of GDP in Spain, 2021 was the year of consolidation of the sector, with figures

that have maintained the upward trend during the first months of the year, although without such high growth and waiting to know the final data for this year. Everything suggests that during 2022 the ascending line of eCommerce will continue, underpinning the Macedonia phone number consolidation definitively. Buying online has ceased to be a taboo for Spaniards, as Packlink identified in its survey on ” Consumption Habits” published last November on the occasion of Packlink eCommerce Day, where 80% of those surveyed claimed to have made at least one online purchase in the last month. The digital consumption model is here to stay and 2022 is projected as the year of transition towards a 100% phygital ecosystem

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, in which traditional and electronic commerce coexist without directly competing with each other. by the pandemic has fully immersed us in the era of electronic commerce. What we are beginning to see now are the first steps of what will be the consumption models of the future. So it is a particularly interesting period in this sense,” says Noelia Lázaro, director of marketing at Packlink. Issues such as sustainability. Flexibility in delivery and payment methods. But also new sales channels. Are just some of the hot topics that will be this year.

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Meanwhile, on the horizon, we begin to glimpse the first steps of the metaverse or virtual reality. Which may be in our daily lives sooner than we think. Meanwhile, what are the trends that will have a real impact in 2022? Sustainability The e-commerce sector has been increasing its efforts in terms of sustainability and care for the environment for years. For example. Considerably reducing the use of plastics for packaging or the introduction of recyclable or reusable packaging. Focused on a circular economy model . Although one of the main action fronts for this 2022 will be more linked to the cast. The fleets of the main parcel and delivery companies have

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accelerated their transition to electric vehicles. And if it is already common to see bicycles or motorcycles using this technology, they will soon be larger vehicles. The key? Consumers value it and even reward it. According to the latest Packlink report on consumer habits of Europeans, 75.6% of those surveyed take into. Account the environmental and social commitment of a brand in their choice of online purchase. And 63.9% say they would be. Willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly parcel and shipping packaging. New payment methods Greater flexibility and greater payment facilities,

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