The banner aske the user to help Schroeer, a character from Peanuts, to achieve a magnificent performance on the piano. Clicking starts the performance and you have to use the computer keyboard as if it were a piano. At the end of the performance a score is obtaine. 5.- Amnesty International creative banners : Amnesty International Amnesty As soon as you click on this banner, from Amnesty International you propose the classic « hangman game ». In this way, they encourage the user to become a free writer by allowing them to create a sentence with a great message at the end.

In Depth The Target Audience You Are

Brastemp creative banners : Brastempcreative banners : Brastemp The Brastemp company uses this banner to make users aware of the importance of water purifiers because water can be contaminate with multiple bacteria. In this banner, the user Guangdong Phone Number List is invite to place the mouse in the stream of water that is seen and once place there, a sentence immeiately appears saying that the moment you have touche the water, it is no longer 100% pure and free. of bacteria. 7.- Ikea Ikea is a company know for the fact that you assemble your furniture yourself. That’s the concept of some of their best creative banners.

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Addressing The Needs Of The Public

This particular banner encourages you to put up the banner yourself to save money . By clicking on the banner you begin to assemble it and once assemble you. Find an offer on one of its products. The video shows the different creative banners Business Lead from the same campaign. 8.- Kellogg’s banners creativos : Kellog’s banners creativos : Kellog’s In a simple.  Very graphic way, Kellogg’s shows with this banner that with the fiber provide by its product, things are going well. However, when you move the cursor down, when the fiber disappears (its product is no longer there) a jumble of intertwine tubes appears that simulate the intestine, making it appear that everything is clogge.

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