If you collaborate with a well-known figure, you can count on a mass audience of millions to watch basically anything he or she does.

Of course, you’ll need to choose the correct action, product, or service and the right moment to execute it. You could potentially receive thousands to millions of views if you link your business to a prominent name, but there’s a high chance it’ll cost you a fortune to get them.

Size Matters… Go Big!

If you don’t want to go unnoticed, create something that is impossible to overlook. That does not solely refer to the size of the event but rather to the production of something physically massive and magnificent. For example, when Michael Jackson’s album HIStory and tour were released, gigantic statues of Michael were erected in cities all over the world, including LA, Paris, Milan, Berlin, London, and more.

Every single one of these statues created international headlines, resulting in millions of dollars in earned publicity. So as you can see, these initiatives will take time, money, and a great deal of planning, but there’s a high chance they’ll make the news.

Do Something Outrageous/Out of the Ordinary Celebrity Influences

If you have a concept that you believe is pushing boundaries very far, don’t put it aside quite yet. It’s possible that Finance Directors Email Lists it could be the perfect way to raise awareness of your brand, product or service.

Finance Directors Email Lists

These are fantastic times to try something different since all it takes is one brave soul with the courage to be different, to create something revolutionary that could last a very long time!

So, Is Extreme Marketing Worth It Celebrity Influences

The Good Marketer says, only if it is as true of a reflection of your brand as your average marketing would be and when used as a supplement to your regular marketing efforts such as social media marketing and SEO. They talked a little about the relevance of extreme marketing stunts, but they can’t stress enough how important this is.

Of course, taking a car into the most extreme off-roading course is a pretty extreme thing to do, it might even stick in people’s minds, but does it make sense if you’re marketing an energy drink? Probably not.

Finally, cost.

For small businesses especially, time and money are hot commodities, and extreme marketing can be costly in both. If going big is your thing, you might want to consider how much time and money you will be spending and run this against the potential results you could achieve.

If it seems worth it, by all means, go for it. given some serious consideration.

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