FIAT creative banners : Fiatcreative banners : Fiat In a very intelligent way, the Fiat brand puts the debate on the incompatibility of alcohol and driving on the table . In this banner the user is encourage to drag the cursor to the bottom making all the beer run out but at the same time the car that appears next to him is crushing, in reference to how dangerous it is to drive if you drink alcoholic beverages . 10- Feex creative banners : Feex In the case of Feex , a courier company.

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Their creative banner consists of showing what time it is in order to show that they are always on time . Playing with images of packages and the arms that move them, the numbers that constitute the hour, minutes and seconds of the moment the ad Find Your Phone Number was displaye were create. 11.- Aides creative banners : Aides With this banner, the Aides association tries to convey the importance of protection against AIDS in sexual relations with the use of a condom. The image shows an animation that the user directs with the mouse, in which a penis seeks sexual intercourse.

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But nobody pays attention to it until he puts on a condom. 12.- Coca Cola creative banners : Coca Cola Through this banner, Coca Cola mixe technology with the images of an advertisement from 1971. The only difference is that this time users Business Lead could buy a coke to give to another user even if they were on the other side of the world. 13.- Bacardi creative banners : Bacardi Bacardi is another of the brands that is taking advantage of the pull of interactivity in its creative banners. In this specific case, they propose a series of strings that launch different sounds and with which users can build their own melodies. 14.- McDonalds banners creativos : McDonalds Base on the slogan ” We love making things better.

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