The campaign was an action for millions of people around the world to stand up against poverty in those days of October 2006. It was an absolutely viral video. In fact, in the first two days it was seen by more than 41,000 people. 5.- Rodolfo Chikikuatre Is it possible to create a musician out of nothing and end up representing your country at Eurovision? It was the question that some creatives of the “Buenafuente” program of La Sexta aske themselves . The campaign manage to get the comeian known as Chikilicuatre to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2008 with.

Campaigns Aim To Promote A Specific

Biala el Chiki-chiki”, a catchy reggaeton-style song. The song broke audience records and quickly went viral. The business obtaine from this campaign was also important, since stuffe animals.  T-shirts or ringtones of the song were sold. 6.- ConchiFacts Sony Ericsson launche Conchi, a neighbor of Tabladillo in Segovia, the town Taiwan Phone Number List of 60 inhabitants that the brand chose to launch the promotional campaign for the Xperia X8 to stardom. This campaign made use of humor to talk about typical expressions of tweeters and other users of social networks in the mouth of Conchi.

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Product Or Service Fulfilling This Objective

From which some videos were release and profiles were opene on Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter. After the launch, has even become a Trending Topic on Twitter in Spain. 7.- Lárgate This campaign also use humor to present a product Business Lead that consiste of vacation packs from the Atrápalo travel agency . To disseminate these packs, different videos and a Facebook application were create. In the video you can see how three couples are eating. One of the components of the couple has to convince the other to go on vacation alone. A dynamic, funny and nice to watch video that manage to catch thousands of users An unexpecte encounter.

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