Thanks to the location targeting capabilities of In the Romania B2B List States, football and soccer are two different sports. But what is calle “soccer” in the US is calle”soccer” in the UK UK search volume data drives this. Caption: Search volume data for UK locations. Same product, different keywords. Both keywords target the same product, but for a savvy sporting goods e-commerce brand looking to expand Romania B2B List the UK, football boots is an obvious target term on product pages and paid searches. Without these insights from keyword research, e-commerce brands may miss Romania B2B List opportunities for interest consumers to find their products in global marketplaces.

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Identify new customer segments through keyword research You Romania B2B List your target audience inside out. But when it comes time to increase sales, keyword research is the perfect tool to help discover new customer segments. A good example is REI. REI targets multiple lifestyles—climbing, hiking, running, biking, and more—with their outdoor apparel and travel gear. When REI wants to expand its Romania B2B List market segment, keyword research can provide the insight neede to select a new segment and create a product line that fits that lifestyle. Suppose REI is considering Romania B2B List its product range to appeal to divers or bungee jumpers.

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Keyword search volume research will highlight the actual Romania B2B List and volume of product demand for each group, rather than investing in resource-intensive market research to understand what users say they are intereste in. Below are examples of search volumes for topics relate to diving and bungee jumping. Image Caption: Keyword Monthly Search Volume: diving Image caption: Keyword Romania B2B List search volume: bungee jumping Comparing the keyword search volumes of the two groups, we can see that there are significantly more searches for diving-relate Romania B2B List products relate to bungee jumping products. Does this mean REI should expand their product line to target divers? This is where additional market research can come in handy.

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