In B2B, deeper changes can usually be made, as change communication and management can be more controlled and less costly. On the other hand, in B2C, calmer changes are usually advisable, implemented in several phases and supported by communication campaigns. In the event that we must change the naming. logically we will have to have investment in communication. The more the more consumption and impulse the brand is. Finally, the planning and timing of an identity change are also important. Excessively delaying the process can mean a loss of competitiveness. But we should not make changes without any reason that advises it or before time.

Planning the entire rebranding strategy

For this reason, planning the entire rebranding strategy is essential for the success of a process of this type. New Call-to-action 4. Brand activation The phase Real Estate Photo Editing of definition of the strategy and the identity of a brand are key, since they are elements of high temporary projection. Its successful and rigorous creation is undoubtedly one of the keys to building a successful brand. But it is of little use to define a strategy. And create an ideal identity if they are not executed. Or applied correctly later on. In fact, most companies fail more in execution than in definition. As the Harvard Business Review points out : more than 66% of brand strategies are not executed correctly or are not implemented. The strategic concept and identity provide the necessary inspiration to focus and give meaning.

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Coherence to everything a company does

Coherence to everything a company does and says. And not only at the level of communication or marketing. As we have said many times, it is the normal Business Lead activity of a company, in its day to day, the main channel for building a brand. If day-to-day actions are not inspired by the brand (in its purpose, value proposition, personality) we will have a significant gap between what we say and what we do. And hardly we will generate a significant and memorable experience . According to The Brand Experience Index study , a good brand experience increases consumer preference by up to 13% – “this brand will be my first choice in the future” – and loyalty by 9%. Another report, the Brand Experience Report 2017 , ensures that 76% of consumers who are favorable to a brand describe it through their experience.

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