This article sorts out the paid user rights and interests of QQ Music and NetEase Cloud Music. And compares and summarizes the operation strategies of the products in three aspects: paid user conversion. Paid user retention, and paid Thailand Phone Number user recovery. Finally, by experiencing other member subscription content products. It provides a reference for the future paid user operation of QQ Music and NetEase Cloud Music.


With the development of the business environment and copyright supervision of China’s digital music industry, content payment is gradually accepted by more users and has become the main source of income for music platforms.

But at the same time, according to iResearch’s “2019 China Digital Music Content Payment Development Research Report”, compared with Thailand Phone Number overseas music platforms, the development of China’s music content payment is still in the initial stage, and users’ awareness of payment needs to be continuously cultivated, the payment rate and payment amount There is also a lot of room for improvement.

Product Introduction

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QQ Music is a one-stop high-quality genuine digital music resource service platform. slogan is “to make life full of music”. The main functions include online audition of massive music. Online debut of the most popular music, lyrics translation, high-quality music audition, genuine music download, HD MV viewing, etc. QQ Music was born in 2005. When the copyright management mechanism in the Chinese market was not yet perfect, the Tencent Music Thailand Phone Number Group behind it started to purchase genuine music content and gradually established content advantages. This steady and forward-looking content layout, as well as the synergy with Tencent’s own huge traffic and resources, has made QQ Music a national-level music product. According to Bida Consulting, as of August 2019, QQ Music had about 280 million monthly active users.

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