They have more options to find the action button, read the information and be convince of what they are going to do. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate elements that serve as an anchor, that make the user stay longer on the website. Multimeia elements such as videos or photographs manage to capture the user’s attention for longer than text , and are therefore elements that you should consider incorporating into your landing page if you want to increase conversions. 4.- Consistency Go! – effective messages for landing pages.

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If you have a website, a social network or other platforms where you can promote yourself, it is important that the design and tone of the landing page is consistent with the employee in these communication channels. The choice Brazil Phone Number List of colors, the words of the text and fonts, everything has to go hand in hand, be part of the same set that helps to identify the brand . The user who sees that your landing page is consistent in the design and in the message, that the things you do have not been designe or thought separately, but that everything goes hand in hand and is consistent with each other, will convert more and better.

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Simplicity increase landing page conversions with ease Simplicity implies that the elements incorporate into the landing page are understandable elements and easy to see at a glance. It is advisable to use texts with everyday language words, not trying to complicate the language or showing yourself in a position of superiority with respect to the Business Lead user. In addition, simplicity means that all the elements incorporate into the website have a purpose . All the elements must be designe to have a single objective, a goal, a point to which it will lead the user. 6.- First impressions count First impressions are difficult to change. What the user thinks as soon as they reach your landing page will determine what they think of your products from now on.

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