Every day you hear more about content marketing , more and more experts emerge, lies, half-truths or simply tips that make you think that simply by having a blog you are going to become a guru of something. As I think there is an overdose of information regarding this topic, I do not want to write advice in this post so that you can succeed with your content. I just want to demystify some things that I have seen written so that we begin to be realistic and know how to filter the information we receive, fleeing from infoxication. Content marketing is not having a blog or writing

like crazy, it is a strategy that involves a process that begins with research, goes through creation and ends with measuring results and meeting objectives. For this reason, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the great inventions that have been  Israel phone number woven around content marketing. We uncover the big lies of content marketing We uncover the big lies of content marketing 1. To attract customers you just have to give them good content Welcome to the big lie of the content marketing world! We have all read millions of posts where they tell us about the importance of content in these times.

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That is true, content creation is very important to make yourself known and build trust in your brand. The biggest mistake happens when you think that writing is enough and that’s it, this is a lie! No matter how good you are, either you know the rules to promote that content well at the right time, place and to the right audience or you’re wasting your time. The content is not a magnet that attracts people, what attracts them is the quality, the diffusion you make of it and your efforts to promote it. Think about it; it is as if I write a macro thesis on the veracity of the man’s arrival on

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the moon, if I leave it saved on my hard drive no matter how good it is, only I will read it. Or I post it on this Semrush blog where the readers aren’t passionate about the moon, well, it’s a sure thing, I’m not going to have any success. To get to you I need to meet you, let you know that I have written that and also do it in the right channels and with the right vocabulary. That is why creating the profile of your ideal reader within your content marketing strategy is so important. I have found thousands of tweets that at the end contained a good post and which

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I have come to by chance or boredom. On the contrary, I have also seen others that in the end are real bullshit, but in which the headline has attracted me and I clicked to read it. To promote content, it is not enough to just publish a couple of tweets and posts on Facebook. The promotion takes place, already from the process of creating that content plan , in which you build a message, set yourself some objectives that respond to the needs of your target audience and follow a strategy. That is why it is important to first investigate who you want to target, what they like to read, what they don’t like, which articles are the most shared… Another major mistake is believing that content

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