The Facebook cover photo includes a message to indicate to the visitor the exact place to click, clever! Note that this cover respects the spirit and graphic codes of the blog for relevant consistency. 2. In line with the schedule Many adapt their coverage according to the time of year. Is it the holidays? Let your audience know your vacation dates. Is it the end of the year period? Wish you happy holidays! This is what France Inter did last year to announce the summer, before opting for their current video coverage. couv-FB-blog-canva-image2-franceinter screenshot of the Facebook cover of France Inter in 2017 3. Pride and success canva – facebook – marketing Screenshot of FFA facebook cover.

Like the French Athletics Federation

Like the French Athletics Federation , use your Facebook coverage to announce your upcoming events or review your greatest successes. 4. Sell yourself Jewelry Retouching Service canva – facebook – marketing screenshot of Maison Samaran facebook cover The “ Maison Samaran ” gastronomic store understood that the cover of its page was the basis of a successful advertising campaign. She sells foie gras, wine, cassoulet and she says it through her gourmet Facebook cover, based on photos of her products and a text block. Simple, effective, titillated taste buds. 5. Showcase your new products canva – facebook – marketing screenshot of Cadum brand facebook cover You can absolutely use your Facebook cover to simply present your new products as the Cadum brand does.

Jewelry Retouching Service

A video message for your customers canva

A video message for your customers canva – facebook – marketing – video screenshot of facebook cover in video by O2 care service O2 Care Business Lead services speaks directly to its customers through its animated coverage. A beautiful design, a nice attention. 7. Announce an event canva – facebook – marketing Screenshot of comedian Anne Roumanoff’s facebook cover Consider using your Facebook cover to advertise an event! 8. Simple but clear canva – facebook – marketing screenshot of TYPY facebook page Say what are you doing ! TYPY is a communication agency defined by three themes: social media, design and technology. The cover matches his profile picture logo, minimalist and clean. 9. Elegance and refinement canva – facebook – marketing One of the facebook cover photos of the Cartier brand.


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