The industry has undergone tremendous changes in the past month, and many students may need to find a job. As a former interviewer of a large factory, senior sister often sees some unqualified resumes. Many of them have worked for more than three or five years. Many of them are “doing a lot and writing poorly”. They have rich project experience, but their resumes But it is difficult to get into the eyes of the interviewer of a large factory (I once heard that there New Zealand Mobile Number is a girl who submitted a resume of a large factory 87 times).There is another point about the instructions and suggestions for job-hopping. I am going to write another article to write this. I will not say it in this article. The content is too much. If you are interested, pay attention to me, and I will post it later.

 Take the frame

Writing a resume is similar to making a product. There are function points and wireframes first, and then interaction and vision. Therefore, building a resume framework is the first step, that is, determining which parts of the resume should be written, and each content. The length of the resume can also set up the structure of the entire resume.

The resume is generally divided into three parts, which New Zealand Mobile Number are arranged in the order of basic information -> work experience -> additional information. The length of each part should follow the 721 principle. Of course, 70% here refers to work experience.

10% of the space is devoted to introducing additional information

New Zealand Mobile Number
New Zealand Mobile Number

For example, skills, qualification certificates that are not strongly related to occupation, personal hobbies, etc. Generally speaking, this part is not very important. You can write it or not. Putting it too early will easily distract the interviewer’s attention, so it is still the last comparison. it is good. i cannot pass the resume test. As a result. However, i switched to the product position. And received interview invitations from many. Companies one after another. There are a few interesting and rewarding interviews. The shortest process is a manufacturing company. With serial number 18. After hr gave my resume to. The boss. However, he was very interested in

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