In what areas it should act, in which it should not. And in what way Determine verbal behavior patterns. Transversally for all its spokespersons Being able to rank. And order in a certain way the different pieces on which it acts. Be functional and “manufacturable thus allowing it to be implemented. Consistently over time Contribute to making the public empathize. With the brand and therefore develop a positive predisposition to interact. With it and acquire its products or services Among the elements that make up the verbal identity. Of a brand are Voice tone Based on the personality traits defined in the brand. Platform the way of speaking territories of action.

The main codes of verbal communication of a brand

The main codes of verbal communication of a brand must be established for each of its fields of action and targets  We are talking about defining Photo Background Removing the tone of voice by audiences and channels, the verbal expression of the brand personality .tone of voice build brand As is logical, it must contribute to differentiating itself from its competition, building positioning and strengthening the connection with its audiences. naming Naming is the process of creating a brand name. Let’s not forget that the name is the element with the longest. Time horizon of a brand and that on many occasions it is the first point. Of contact with the public. A good name can go a long way in building. The desired brand image while a bad name. will force you to spend more time and money on communication and marketing to achieve it.

Photo Background Removing

Represent a real problem for future growth

Can even represent a real problem for future growth, whether it is a large multinational or a startup . As an essential manifestation of the brand, and beyond Business Lead choosing one ‘that we like’ , the name must respond to a process that makes it possible to objectify the choice as much as possible, even knowing that it is something that is subjective by nature. For this, there are some key criteria and a rigorous process in which going hand in hand or being advised by experts is key. build a brand Naming is much more than a creative process. It is as important as the generation techniques to apply a strategic vision to decide what type of name we need and what suits us, to evaluate the linguistic and cultural connotations that a name may have in other countries and languages, to have specialized methods to assess the possible.

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