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When talking about strategic marketing, content continues to be at the forefront as an effective strategy to attract, retain and influence. However, it is more than clear that good content is not enough to achieve the success of your strategy and position yourself in the minds of your target audience. Customers or search engines. Every day more and more content is produced and published. The era of infoxication has arrived and not a few of us wonder what the future will be. This year will (not) stop being different… Reviewing some trends of 2016 we have an idea of ​​where the shots are going and about them I make some notes: Greater diversification of consumption channels and formats

With the development of generic and/or thematic channels. Users’ ability to select channels within digital consumption increases: distribution continues to take center stage. Increased use of Content Marketing According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% of marketing  Georgia phone number professionals include it in their strategy. Platforms “become” publishers allowing long-form publications It is logical.They are not interested in bringing traffic to your website or blog. They are interested in keeping users within their same platform. Content is becoming “easier” to produce New platforms

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Therefore, or applications emerge and the existing ones are in order to facilitate the production of content without great technical knowledge of the users. With this scenario, is the day approaching when Content Marketing has the same symptoms that traditional advertising has today? Not at the moment. Therefore, But the levels of demand are higher every day. Good content is not enough to activate and engage. You have to do other things to persuade your client or target audience and place yourself in their preference. “Every day the cost of care is higher”

Georgia phone number

“The freedom of Internet users to choose, compare, assess and decide increases and is simplified to a simple click” “Every day your customers are smarter” Your content strategy must go through creating Value Content and adapting to. New channels and forms of communication with competitive intelligence. You have to be more strategic! Let’s go back to the beginning… Do you trust your Content Strategy? You need, yes or yes, a precise and focused strategy to optimize your resources. Time and effort. Without it, you will not be able to create the valuable content that your audience needs

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Therefore, and that is on achieving your goals. You may think that your business is very small. That you do not need to have a well-identified plan, take a pen and paper and document your steps. Let me give you some data that alerts you to the risk you are running. On-Track Statistics for your Content Strategy: 95% of B2B companies say that Content Marketing has helped them achieve their goals. 81.1% of Spanish companies claim to have a high degree of satisfaction with the results of their Content Marketing strategy. 77% of

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