The sound of cutting is constant, the sound of machinery is roaring, and the transportation vehicles are coming and going… In summer, the second phase of the Chinese mobile Ningxia Zhongwei Data Center project is hot, and this is also the western node of the national e-government cloud data center system。

“In the east wind of ‘East Numi West Calculation. The project will build more than 12,000 new racks, and in the future will achieve a 8 millisecond transmission time. Between Ningxia and Jingjin-Hui, and a 10 to 20 milliseconds transmission time in the eastern hub of Ningxia radiation。”Duan Li, the head of the Ningxia Mobile Computing Center, told the reporter of “Economic Reference News.  That while the project is grabbing work, the eastern arithmetic needs will be orderly directed to the west。

Inner Mongolia, Hout and Hout, and Ringer County,

Thousands of miles away, a data center Background Remove Service with a construction. Area of nearly 45,000 square meters is about to rise-June 7, China Telecom. Cloud Computing Inner Mongolia Information Park Area. B The data center project officially started. The Ringer Data Center cluster is one of 10 national data center clusters. The relevant person in charge of China Telecom told the “Economic Reference News” reporter that from 2022 to 2026. It plans to build 14 data centers in the Inner Mongolia Information Park to give full play to the Inner Mongolia The hub’s nodule is adjacent to the natural geographic advantage of Jingjin. Building a ” northern arithmeticulation center to stimulate digital economic vitality。

In the recent period, a large number

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Data center projects in Sichuan, Guangdong, Guizhou and other places have either started construction or put into operation to accelerate the weaving of a “one network” for national capacity。

In the first four months of this year. 25 new projects were started in 10 national data center clusters across the country. And the number of Business Lead machine frames in the national hub node data center exceeded 540,000 standard frames, driving investment in all areas by more than 190 billion yuan。There are more than 190,000 new base stations and 1.653 million new at the gigabit network port, with a total of 9.54 million..

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