Google does not look kindly on sites that link to too many of these pages, lost pages are one of the main reasons for Google penalizing the web. Make it possible for your users to find what they are looking for, control that the pages and links go to the correct pages and do not get lost due to poor construction or layout of the website. Error pages hinder navigation on your website and penalize you with Google. As you have seen, Google penalizes those pages that seek conversions by using traps and fast lanes to position.

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The page in higher positions and thus get more conversions. Did you know that optimizing your landing pages to achieve an improvement from 1 lead for every 7 clicks to 1 lead for every 6 clicks reuces your investment cost by 16.5%? This is what we do every day at Antevenio Go! for our customers.What are cookies and what are they for in digital Croatia Phone Number List marketing? April 25, 2016 Writing Marketing Digital Did you like our article? 4.7/5 – (7 votes) what are cookies abstract concept global internet communications blue background One of the usual questions in the digital marketing environment focuses on what cookies are, files with small information sent by a website and store in the user’s browser.

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That the website can check the user’s previous activity. , as define in Wikipeia . Cookies are small text files, many of them encrypte, that are place in browsers and websites. Thanks to cookies, different actions can be carrie out on the Business Lead website, collect different information and allow more fluid navigation or the user to access some specific services. 1.- What are cookies and how do they work? The operation of cookies is relatively simple. When a user enters your website from a browser, a text file is create.

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