In case you nee more storage space, you have the option of attracting new customers, obtaining additional free space for each one of them, or buying a storage space. These types of processes are usually beneficial for the client, who obtains the prize or reward, and for the company, which incorporates new users and clients into its database. 5.- Expansion of services database acquisition: expansion of services Along the same lines as gifts or incentives, the expansion of services offers the company the option of expanding contact details.

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For example, Spotify doesn’t have to know your user’s phone number, something it can get if the user decides to download the Spotify App . It is enough to offer a better or complementary service to the one you currently enjoy so that by downloading Turkey Phone Number List or expanding said service the user can provide you with more data. Do you nee to capture databases and digital leads ? Find out about our recruiting services hereII Study on the NGO sector in Spain carrie out by GuiaONGs: Asturians and Galicians, the most supportive of the work of NGOs April 29, 2016 Anticipation Corporate Did you like our article? 5/5 – (1 vote) Asturias and Galicia are the autonomous communities.

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Which the highest percentage of the population has donate money to an NGO in the last year. They are followe by Navarra and Aragon. All of them have a figure above 20%. At the opposite extreme, La Rioja and Murcia, with 12 and 15% respectively. These are data from the first study on solidarity and donations in Spain carrie out by the guiaONGs Business Lead portal , in which 3,600 people have participate and which analyzes their responses by geographical distribution and by amount contribute. Donors in the last 12 months At the national level, 18% of those surveye affirm that they have collaborate financially with some non-governmental organization in the last year.

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