Buy links buy links Google values ​​very positively that a site becomes a reference and a valuable source to cite it and link from your website to it because you believe it is of value. In order to comply with this condition, which Google considers basic, many websites create pages solely intende to link to the main page, the one they want to position, but this is not right. Likewise, in addition to the sites that could be calle mirror, there are companies and pages that buy links so that other sites link to them, in these cases Google penalizes those sites that obtain links from the purchase of them .

Tools That Exist In The Marketing

In the same way, sites that link to each other too many times are not well regarde, it is seen as an unlawful practice, solely intende to overcome the barriers place by Google’s algorithms for positioning. As you can see, Google appreciates Costa Rica Phone Number List that the links are obtaine organically, because your site is interesting and another site decides to refer you. For this to happen, you must create quality content that ranks, so that your site can be searche and linke. 5.- Control advertising too much publicity It is important that sites incorporate advertising, method to obtain economic benefits.

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Tools That Exist Disadvantages

The problem is that advertising is incorporate excessively, worsening the user experience and, finally, being harme by Google. Google appreciates that advertising is incorporate, but in a number and form of distribution that does not affect the Business Lead reading of the site, that does not interfere with the navigability of your users and the accessibility to the services of your website. This is one of the reasons for penalizing the web that most affects those sites that do not use logic when placing advertising on their page. 6.- Error pages 404 error pages What do you think of those pages that you access and constantly reirect you to an error page, the famous.

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