Planning and content creation Unfortunately, this is where most Italy B2B List start, but by following all the steps above before getting to this point, you’ll know that the content you’re creating is tailore to your ideal audience. Plan your social activities and any actions you nee to take to achieve your goals. Whether you’re creating video content or participating in an influencer marketing campaign, make sure to always Italy B2B List your goals and audience in mind. But what types of content can you share on social media? If you’re not sure, here are some simple ideas: Video content: From Facebook Live to Italy B2B List Reels, video content is hugely popular on social media.

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In fact, marketers who use video grow their revenue 49% faster Italy B2B List non-video users Written Posts: From plain text posts to LinkedIn articles, sharing the gist of a company blog to a webinar or event, text posts are great for delivering value to your audience Infographics: Charts are a compelling and simple way to provide value to your audience Contests: Running contests through your social accounts can increase Italy B2B List shares, encourage engagement and help you reach more people Polls and interactive content: These types of posts are of course great for increasing engagement, but Italy B2B List also allow you to ask your followers questions and find out key information from them.

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Go Live You’ve identifie your goals, organize your platform and Italy B2B List your content. All that’s left is to roll out your strategy across your various social channels. A great way to do this is to invest in a social scheduling tool – such as Sprout. Social or Later – which is a really easy way to visualize your. Social feeds and make sure you’re sharing a range of content types. Don’t forget, you can also download our free 2021 Italy B2B List Media. Calendar to help you build timely and relevant events to ensure. Your content is publishe on the right platform at the right time. 9. Measurement, Monitoring, Italy B2B List and Correction The key to developing a successful social presence is to continuously monitor your progress.

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