I bought the dishes with the selected rmb red envelope。Zhao min, who lives in baoan district, shenzhen, is the “lucky man. In the last two rounds of digital rmb red envelope activities. In the first round of activities. She withdrew a 128 yuan digital rmb red envelope.

recently, consumption driven in the form of red envelopes for digital rmb。looking at the data released by the us. Delegation alone, as of june 20, nearly 8 million digital rmb. Wallets have been pushed to app in the us. And nearly 6 million users have spent rmb in the us. Data released by jingdong. Technology also shows that during the “618” activity. Users spent 400 million yuan on digital rmb in app in jingdong. An increase of more than 18 times year-on-year。

Multiple coin red envelopes are issued

Recently, consumption has been Photo Background Removing driven in the form of red envelopes for digital rmb。on may 30th and june 9th, shenzhen city. Distributed 30 million yuan “luke shenzhen” digital rmb. Red envelope through the american league. Platform in two rounds, which can be used in more than 15,000 offline. Merchants with digital rmb verification functions in shenzhen city. And used in the consumption scene. Of the american group platform。

Many Shenzhen citizens received red envelopes and paid off the Internet with fresh numbers of RMB。There are also Shenzhen citizens who have won their consumer experiences on social platforms. “Today they received a red envelope and bought 10 bottles of drinks in Meijiya and ordered 4 cups of Nai Xue.” “Digital RMB red envelope won 88 yuan. The convenience store bought a haha treat himself.”。

In Chengdu, Sichuan, digital RMB consumer

Photo Background Removing

Voucher activities also in progress。It reported that Chengdu Digital RMB consumer vouchers issued through the US-Like platform, with a total of 3 rounds of activities, starting on June 12, 19, and 26, respectively。”The consumer vouchers issued this time divided into catering takeaway, supermarket convenience, hotel Business Lead accommodation, and attractions. A total of 4 types of coupons reduced. They can applied to rich life scenes such as eating food, buying fresh food, booking hotels, and visiting attractions。”Introduced by the person in charge of related activities of the US delegation, the issuance of Chengdu consumer vouchers accelerated the organic integration of online and off-line consumption and promoted the recovery of consumption。

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