Are you receiving a healthy amount of business from your ads? Great. But why aren’t enough people buying your products or signing up for your services?

This is a problem every businessperson or PPC expert has faced at one time or another. Indeed, most marketers are constantly concerned about increasing their Google Ads conversion rate – everything else is secondary.

While Google remains the best platform on which to generate the highest conversion rate and ROI, knowing how to improve your Google Ads conversion rate, whether through the help of a Google Ads agency or an experienced Google Ads specialist, is hugely important to the growth and development of your business.

There are a number of ways in which to improve your conversion rate. So, here’s a list of some of the most significant.

Use Conversion Tracking to Track Your Success

Before you start making any fundamental and resounding changes to your Google Ads account, it’s vital to assess where your business resides in the marketplace at the present moment in time and how much business your ads are generating.

Most importantly, Google shows you the number of impressions and clicks that your ads get; however, thanks to Compliance Directors Email Lists Google Conversion Tracking, you can also highlight the number of conversions that you’re generating too.

Compliance Directors Email Lists

Once you’ve set up Google Conversion Tracking and embedded the technology into your PPC management structure, you can then see how your campaigns are performing in terms of generating conversions.

Simply put, if you make a slight adjustment to your targeting metrics, for example, and notice your conversion rate increases, you can use that knowledge to improve your future campaigns.

Use Specific Keywords for Improved Conversion Rates

Now that you’ve set up Google Conversion Tracking, you can now focus solely on improving your conversion rate – and this begins with using specific keywords.

Using specific keywords tends to have a much-improved conversion rate rather than general keywords.

The reason specific keywords outperform general ones is that people who’re searching for certain models or bespoke product numbers have, more than likely, already researched their product and are primed and ready to make a purchase.

When consulting a Google Ads expert regarding keyword research, the first thing to bear in mind, however, is that using more niche keywords can lead to fewer impressions and clicks as fewer people may be searching for those specific search terms, though they may be unique enough to generate significantly more conversions.

Harness the Power of Negative Keywords How to Improve

There is a myriad ways to improve your conversion rate, and one of the most effective is to use negative keywords to your advantage.

When you use negative keywords, your ads won’t show up when people search for those particular keywords.

The power of negative keywords cannot be underestimated as they are extremely helpful in terms of trying to limit your ad so that it doesn’t show up to people who are just browsing the internet and therefore not exaggerating your reach.

One of the most popular negative keyword types is the word ‘free.’ In short, if you don’t provide a free service, you can restrict those who are only looking for free products from seeing your ads.

Your Search Terms Report Is Vital for Reaching the Right Customers How to Improve

Most Google Ads consultants can show you how your individual keywords are performing, but a Search Terms Report can show you the exact phrases that your customers searched for when your ads appeared on their feed. Indeed, a detailed report can show you a list of these search terms, typifying their value to your strategy.

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