A content plan for both social networks and blogs is essential if we want to optimize the results of our strategy. So, if you’re thinking of making one, keep reading and we’ll tell you how to create a perfect content plan. You may also be interested in the following content: How to make a Social Media Plan in 2016 [post] Content Marketing: The 6 Big Lies [post] Content Strategies to Succeed with your Blog [webinar] How to define your blog strategy in 3 steps [post] What is a content plan? A content plan is the method by which we will create and program our content strategy.

Every brand, both online and offline, must draw up a customer acquisition strategy. If in your case you have considered that one of the channels in your customer acquisition strategy is the creation of content, then the next step you have to take is to plan how you are going to  Estonia phone number develop said content to create a defined strategy that provides a higher profitability for your business. 9 Steps to Create a Content Plan 1. Situation analysis In this section we could analyze many points, as stipulated in the marketing plans, but in this case I am sure that it is better to do a more superficial analysis with a SWOT and a small list of key points that we can update as we go.

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that we create content and that it does not take so much time to have our plan ready on a monthly basis. SWOT Analysis Weaknesses: Lack of funding, few employees and experience in content creation. Threats: Many new companies in the sector and prices are falling more and more. Strengths: Long time in the sector and large database of customers and suppliers for newsletter. Opportunities: Possible free training on the subject both online and courses of the Tripartite Foundation . Example of a 10-point situation analysis: Here we will try to complement the SWOT with a brief analysis of competition, customers, company and services.

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They must be objective and informative data so that they serve us in the subsequent preparation of our content plan. My competition creates content in the form of videos, infographics and posts. They are usually an average of 2 posts per week, 2 infographics per week and 1 video every 2 weeks. My competition creates content focused on online marketing in the form of tutorials, manuals and guides mainly. My competition has a presence with its content on the blog and spreads it mainly through ,

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Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. My clients are companies and professionals looking to achieve greater traffic, impact and sales through the internet. My clients attach great importance to the brand and usually maintain medium-long business relationships.

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