What is silo structure?
There are many ways to work content for a website or a blog. and one of them is the silo structure. Also known as the “parent and child structure”. this content strategy is a way of organization that helps improve seo results .

In short. the word means “a large place for grain Finland Phone Number  storage. which has the function of optimizing the use of this product”. Although this doesn’t have much to do with marketing. it’s the beginning to understand that this structure plays an important role when it comes to organizing your blog.

It is an on-page seo technique

Used to optimize websites and group their content based on a logical and easy-to-understand structure. The coolest thing about it all is that if you’re really committed to your project. it’s under your control.

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First of all. it is important to point out that. The use of this strategy is not limited to small sites. It can and should be used on sites with a large volume of content.

In this structure.

Exchanging only the reach for the number of followers. it’s the er post. Engagement rate by post. In English. Er post = sum of all interactions in the post / total followers here you can also average. Adding up all the er posts of a period and dividing by the total posts of that same period.

Each article that follows the main one will serve to deepen the subject. So. it is necessary that the link between the texts be done in a very strategic way. In fact. this content format offers a number of benefits for blog organization and seo results as well.

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