Today many believe they are Influencers because they have X amount of followers , but influencer is more than having many followers and many likes. An influencer, forgive the redundancy, is someone who influences a person’s decision. In other words, if you have a thousand followers and make 20 people take an action, you are much more of an influencer than someone who has 50 thousand followers and only makes 5 take a certain action.  My tips, if you are looking for an influencer, are: Number 1: that it has to do with your target audience , that is, if what we are selling is mountain bikes, for example, you can look for a cyclist,

Do not look for a fashion blogger,

for example. Number 2, this Qatar Phone Number is very important: that it generates emotion , that is, that people comment and that they really want to know about that person, not simply that they give some empty likes. And number three: well, that person really represents your brand and has credibility . That is, if you see that an influencer of ten publications, seven are selling, that is not the person you are looking for. If you want to learn how to do digital marketing strategically, I invite you to download my free ebook .

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