Locating topics that inspire us and allow us to generate ideas to write articles on a blog is a basic need for any blogger. Because getting to write content that captivates and falls in love with our audience is a concern that those of us who dedicate ourselves to blogging professionally or as a simple hobby often have. Surely you have also found yourself in this situation! So I ask you. How do you get the necessary inspiration to make your posts more attractive? I assume that each writer or blogger will have their own sources of ideas for writing content.

You know, as they say, every teacher has their booklet… but even the most creative and prolific writer usually has his moments of blockage and gaps when it comes to conceiving ideas for his blog. It is mainly for this reason that it never hurts to share methods and tricks that some of us  Jamaica phone number usually use in these difficult times. When we find ourselves in front of a blank page of paper (see empty Word document) that needs to be filled with substantial content but we don’t know what it is. Well, here, as the main title of the post indicates, the tips and tricks that we will

Surely you Jamaica Phone Number in this situation!

see on this occasion will revolve around the use of a keyword analysis, competition study and Social Media analytics tool such as the platform called SEMrush. Within this introduction I would also like to make it clear that it is not about copying or plagiarizing content written by other people (which, as you know, is an unethical practice and punishable by Google). This mini guide is focused on helping you locate the keywords related to topics that can provide that spark that gives us the initial kick that awakens in us the idea that ends up becoming an interesting post.

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Tips and tricks to discover ideas or topics to write articles on your blog thanks to SEMrush First of all. The first thing you have to do is register as a user in SEMrush or log in with your username and password if you already have an account created previously. Now we go with the different steps: 1) Analysis of the most relevant keywords of your market niche I imagine that you will have an idea of ​​which are the keywords or. Keywords that have more weight within your market and directly related to your target audience. Because if not. You have an additional problem that is bigger than simply finding inspiration to

Now we Jamaica Phone Number steps:

write or generate ideas in your corporate or personal blog. So let’s take a minute to briefly explain how you can search and find those keywords.  Google keyword planner: We go to the keyword planner. We log in with our Google account and in the option to find “new keywords” we click on the keyword planner and more specifically. Within the first option (the green magnifying glass) on “Search keywords new passwords using a phrase. website or category.” Now the tool panel will open. We choose our language (if we want a more specific search, we can also indicate our country of residence or locality).

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