There are many content marketing strategies, today with this article I propose to measure their effectiveness in your business. It is a fact that content marketing is an increasingly used strategy within companies. Brands have realized that the relationship with customers has changed. It is no longer only worth selling the product unilaterally. Now it is necessary to generate conversation with consumers and provide them with something more. Within this paradigm, we find ourselves in a fast and interconnected world that makes users have excess information and

powerful filters that discriminate everything that passes through their screens. Thus. We see how brands strive to stand out with shareable content that informs and educates their consumers and also entertains. It is one more strategy within the marketing  Hungary phone number departments that requires certain objectives, tactics and metrics. The main objective is to capture leads and transform them into sales by generating valuable information for the user. And now comes the million dollar question… What metrics inform us of the conversions that are generated with content marketing?

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Well, to make this calculation. We only have to focus on three fundamental metrics: cost per lead How much money does it cost to get a customer’s data, through a subscription, download form, etc. Percentage of leads achieved through content marketing actions This metric helps us to see what percentage of leads have come to us through these specific actions. Compared to other marketing campaigns. Content Marketing ROI It is the metric that will tell you if you are on the right track and have chosen the right strategy. Since it shows you

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the return on investment of your actions. As we have already defined what we want to measure, now it is time to know how we are going to do it. Let’s go one by one: 1. Cost per Lead Calculating this metric is essential in order to know how effective our content marketing strategy is compared to the rest of the marketing actions that we carry out in the company. So don’t skip it! Don’t get overwhelmed. Because calculating this metric is easy. You only have to take into account how much you have spent on the production of that content and its distribution.

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Let’s see it with an example. Imagine that I have created a document in pdf format of my post “ Guide to create your Metrics Panel with Google Analytics ” because I am a company that is to SEO and Web Analytics. I have done it with the aim of capturing leads. Getting them to my website. generating trust and end up buying one of my products or services. To create this guide (remember that we are imagining) I have spent about 1,000 euros outsourcing the design and layout work that I have not been able to do. Also, as I want to attract potential customers,

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