It allows customers to narrow their searches down by selecting multiple attributes and filters from the side menu. One of my favorite features of this theme is the unique lookbook. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you’re selling clothing on your ecommerce site. You can show images of models wearing different items. and allow website visitors to click on articles of clothing that grab their attention. By adding hotspot pins that are ajax enabled. users can add those items to their cart by directly clicking on the image. as opposed to navigating to a product page to buy it.

Don’t know how to code? No problem. Halena has a visual page builder that is simple enough for anyone to use. regardless of technical skill level. Hundreds of free fonts come standard when you install this WordPress theme. which is priced at $49. Shoptimizer Shoptimizer is optimized for speed and conversions — two of the most important elements for every ecommerce website. This plugin is unique in the sense that it’s built differently. Rather than focusing on the latest design trends. the developers analyzed data. After researching the top ecommerce websites on the Internet. they came up with themes that follow those best practices.

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The first best practice: speed. The reason Israel phone number why Shoptimizer is so fast is that the theme automatically minifies the main CSS files on your website. It also creates a critical CSS file that loads content nearly instantly from the viewpoint of your website visitors. In addition to lightning-fast page loading times. Shoptimizer is also made to improve your organic reach by improving your SEO strategy. Shoptimizer Theme Next. a distraction-free cart. With Shoptimizer. the checkout process is clean and keeps the user focused.

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By removing clutter and steps from checkouts. it will decrease your shopping cart abandonment rates while increasing conversion rates. Shoptimizer also has a sticky bar for the product details. When people scroll on a product page to get more information. the title. product thumbnail. price. and add to cart buttons stay at the top of the page in plain sight. This theme includes critical information next to the add to cart button for every product. I’m referring to things like.

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Customer reviews Availability Return policies Shipping options Safe checkout badges All of these add credibility to your website and increase the likelihood that your website visitors will buy something. You can also leverage FOMO and scarcity on your product pages. This theme has an option for a sales countdown timer. as well as a real-time availability tracker. These persuasive techniques will help you drive more conversions. The theme is built for accessibility. making it easier for you to reach as many customers as possible. including people with impairments or disabilities. Speed and conversions aside. the theme is also beautifully designed.

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