And let’s not go too far, how many entrepreneurs has it not happened that they invest thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising on platforms like Facebook, and from one day to the next the social network decides to close their advertising account without the right to dispute and your money invested it evaporates in the vast expanse of the universe, as an unpleasant memory only remains.

You need to protect yourself against these situations, and USA Phone Number of course, you need to protect the entire audience that it has cost you so much time and money to build, believe me, every like or follower counts, and you must make sure you find a way to keep in touch with each new fan. , despite the fact that social networks want to implement their unexpected “algorithm changes” or unexpected definitive closures.

This is the origin, why this trend of “Digital Tribes” is born, to which many experts in Digital Marketing are focusing at the moment, to strengthen the community of followers of a brand and thus be able to easily face any unforeseen change within the functioning of social networks.

A Digital Tribe is a way to give all your followers or brand fans a home, a platform where you can give them access in one place to all the content you produce for them on a daily basis.


And how does this

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benefit you if you already have access to Facebook groups and other social networks? Well, the key is that in order for your followers to access your Tribe, they must provide you with their email to create a profile, or rather, create an access account.

This is the essence of the Digital Tribes, that you can access the email of your followers, to be able to keep in touch with them, despite the fact that one day you decide to migrate from one social network to another and this in exchange for being able to give them a home. to your followers where they can access all your content every day and, in addition, they can meet other members of your Tribe to interact with each other and thus strengthen your online community.

We live in the era of the humanization of brands , your followers no longer want you to sell to them or make them part of an advertising campaign, they want to see who is behind your project every day, in the form of “back-stage” and They want to be part of your growth, your mistakes and your learning.

This is probably due to the growing need to undertake and learn from the best, that is why they want to see how you are doing, have an opportunity to get closer to you and thus realize that behind each brand there is a human being. like them, who grows, trains and makes mistakes, and this is precisely what finally allows them to establish a connection with you and your brand.

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