With this form of marketing, cookies collect information about the user and allow the user to receive information about the websites they have visite in banners, or advertisements on other websites, unrelate to the site being advertise. The general idea of ​​the use of cookies in marketing is to collect information to later make it possible for the user to receive additional information to help recover customers. The advantages of using cookies in digital marketing : Show ads from your website on other sites, banners and advertising spaces. Attract new customers.

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Track website visitors. Customize the way the user navigates. Show products relate to the user’s searches, adapting the offer of the e-commerce spaces to the user’s interest base on their searches, browsing methods, etc. Track users and Ecuador Phone Number List visitors to the website. 4.- Why use cookies? Many users complain about the excessive presence of cookies in browsers . In most cases this happens because they do not know what cookies are and how they can help you navigate, or because the implementation of cookies has not been as good as it should be.

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The doubts generate around cookies are many, mainly because they are means that allow the incorporation of advertising and the collection and use of the client’s personal and browsing information in order to display unique specifications base on the client himself. However, cookies are ideal for digital marketers because they add a new Business Lead dimension to web advertising. Ads are base on user history and cookies collecte. For users, cookies are ideal because they make it easier to navigate a website. They spee up processes such as registration, language and appearance settings, or search memory. It is not necessary for the user to configure all these options each time he accesses his preferre websites, since the information is save in the browser.

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