This personalization to the maximum, personalizing from the treatment to the content, is intende to lead the user until they finally buy the product. It seeks to maintain the interest of users throughout the process so that they end up buying. The ultimate goal of lead nurturing is to sell the product or service to the customer . But in addition to this objective, lead nurturing seeks to keep the user intereste for a long time, so that they receive impacts and this makes their degree of satisfaction greater and the purchase is made better.

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Proceso del lead nurturing Lead nurturing is made up of 6 steps, the user purchase cycle. This cycle covers from the beginning of the process, with the first impact.  Until it reaches its end: Inform : It is the first impact that the user receives.  Here he begins to have proof of the product or service that the company wants to sell. It is about Germany Phone Number List giving a brushstroke of what can be, broadly speaking, the benefit of buying a product from the company. It does not necessarily imply that the company is carrying out an advertising communication, but it does mean that it is dropping the benefits of having the brand’s products or services.

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Educate The impacts are multiplying. At this stage, the user is already more aware of what the company sells, its interest and its objective. The ultimate goal of this stage is for the client to fully know what the product or service consists of, in Business Lead order to move on to a higher stage that implies the involvement of the user or client in the entire process of the company. Engage : One step beyond customer eucation is engagement. At this stage of the process, the user will want to enter.  Register in the service or carry out an action for which they have been previously prepare.

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