Interaction between advertiser and customer The interaction between the different parties involve in proximity marketing is a fundamental issue when carrying out proximity marketing. Many of the actions propose, and include within this way of doing marketing, have the objective that the client can interact with your campaign , play with it and decide where it will go. The options of doing marketing by reading a QR code, connecting to wireless networks (NFC or Wi-Fi) or bluetooth are examples of proximity marketing actions that force the customer to interact with the brand.

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If they do not read the QR code or connect to the network through which the company operates, they will not receive your message, and therefore the marketing action will be stoppe. Another form of interaction with the customer is when proximity Macedonia Phone Number List marketing is done on the street. The worker who is distributing flyers on the street does proximity marketing, deciding which passers-by are ideal to receive this campaign, and, on occasion, engages in conversations with users to convince, persuade, and push them to find out what the campaign consists of and enjoy of what was offere. Proximity marketing encourages and encourages interaction to become a crucial element when it comes to marketing.

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It is essential that the company incorporate mechanisms through which there is customer-advertiser feeback, which favors one over the other, and that it uses messages that invite it. 5 examples of proximity marketing Proximity marketing is born Business Lead in the most routine and simple ways of doing marketing, such as the distribution of advertising brochures in hand, and ends in the most modern proximity marketing techniques that are being implemente, which incorporate mobile technologies and devices. . To better understand what proximity marketing is, these are 5 common examples of proximity marketing : 1.- Distribution of brochures proximity marketing: distribution of brochures It is the most common form of proximity marketing.

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